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Institutional Grade Staking

FreshLuna runs on bare metal in a SSAE16 SOC2 certified Tier 3 datacenter with geographically distributed private sentry nodes, YubiHSM2 hardware protected keys, with 24/7 monitoring, alerting, and analytics.

Our Validator

Address: terravaloper1audgfvmgt0js54p3s8kj3r40uwej6vy2tv6rrw

Commission Rate

We charge a 4.99% fee. While we do not foresee raising this fee, we will give advance notice via our public channels to our delegators if the fee is ever updated. The max increase per day is 1%.

How to Stake with us

You can use use the Trust Wallet  Mobile  or  Web , via the TerraStation wallet, Lunie wallet (guide) or the Command Line Interface (CLI). Having trouble? Contact us and we will be happy to walk you thru the necessary steps.

Redundant Infrastructure

  • YubiHSM2 Hardware Security Module (proof) backed signing server fenced off from the internet
  • Redundant main nodes
  • Redundant Netgate firewalling around main node & signer
  • Private peering via Wireguard VPN with multiple globally distributed sentry nodes
  • Intel Xeon 9th generation processors
  • Enterprise grade disks
  • Nodes on NVME SSD disks in RAID 1
  • Daily node backup to RAID 10
  • Daily backup of OS disk (on quadruple RAID 1) to local RAID 10 and remote cloud
  • Contingency plan with cascading alerts to staff to ensure stability & continuity
  • Proprietary plus 3rd party monitoring/alerting with remote logging (1 year log retention)
  • More than 20 years of IT infrastructure experience

Tier 3 Datacenter

  • 99.999% Network SLA (250+ Gb/second of Tier-1 bandwidth from several providers and hundreds of network peers)
  • Power Redundancy: N+1 (100% Power Uptime SLA, with Caterpillar Diesel Generators and UPS battery backups)
  • Cooling Redundancy: N+1
  • 24/7 security with Card Access, Biometric Access Control, dual point ID check and IP Camera Surveillance
  • Independent distribution routers
  • DDoS Protection

About Us

FreshLuna is a Terra validator operated by Mitera BV, a private investment fund established in the Netherlands in 2014 and focused on SaaS technology companies. We also operate:


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